Reprap Reborn


That was a long time since my last post about the RepRap, and there are a lot of new stuffs to mention (you already know most of them if you had a look at my photostream), but in short :

Orca Review

I finally took the time to write a little review about the Orca after our experience in Barcelona.,94557,94557

Marlin firmware ! (« reborn » is for it)

Yeah the one that made that moves :

No more error of communication (that makes little blob) so : much better print quality, and with the acceleration (I was still with the old FiveD before…) some movements are now amazingly fast.

a guy at the lab have planned the modelization of the whole village of Epizon, I wanted to show him that we can print them quite easily ^^

And to finish, some recent projects fully documented :

Printable linear ball bearing (as a replacement of the commonly used LM8UU)


Vertical x-axis and « carriage-struder » (all made in sketch’up, who said you can’t make real things with it ? it rocks :p)

x-carriage-struder v2

Personalized wrenchs for


And some other progress of our FabLab that will open mid-september, but that’s another story…

In conclusion, as usual thanks to the reprap, for a designer its terrific to be able to be confronted to our ideas/designs such quickly, with these tools that are more and more accessible.
But I’d like to thanks even more the community for their input and ideas they gave me sometimes, when uploading the current state of my designs on wiki/thingiverse ^^

More to come soon :

An alternative build of the Orca (RP Orca : watercutted parts redesigned to be printable)

An eMaker Huxley (to take it with me every time I’ll travel, because once you are used to use a reprap, to not have access to it is a real frustration)


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