Why open-source hardware is great ?

Just look at the reprap family tree :

And its unbelievable pace of evolution (yeah we are like a bacterian community as said at the bottom of the page ^^)
The reprap even lead to the creation of several companies. And if Von Hippel founded that there was more investmenet in r&d from the public than private in UK… I think we can consider the active community around the reprap as a gigantic world informal distributed r&d 🙂

(thesis of Erik on the viability
(rob dekkers look at open-innovation evolutionary biology

Ideas are living things, they only exists when shared (economy of abudance…)
They spread and breed, multiply, and their is no reason to seal them under ton of copyright.

Une société de connaissance, ça me fait penser à

–Paul Fernhout
The biggest challenge of the 21st century is the irony of technologies of abundance in the hands of those thinking in terms of scarcity.

Je sais pas si c’est totalement vrai, mais il a des truc intéressants à lire
dont un petite poème que j’aime bien

The circle of knowledge, a poem by Paul D. Fernhout
    All philosophy is anthropology;
    All anthropology is psychology;
    All psychology is biology;
    All biology is chemistry;
    All chemistry is physics;
    All physics is math;
    All math is philosophy. 🙂

(transdisciplinarité toussa)

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