47 Diès en España !

Après avoir présenté mon rapport en 3min et en 15min à l’école, je voulais résumer ici aussi ce stage, mais en essayant en anglais pour changer. So…

From August 31 to October 16, I was on a internship at CITMA (Centro International Technologico de la Madera y el Mueble de Andalucià) a Spanish public institution which promote the design in the country for the sector of wooden furnitures (and it’s not easy).
CITMA works with a selection of local enterprises, and offers a wide range of service.
So I was at the « departamento de diseño » (design dpt), for just 1 month and half…

When I arrived, I had no expectations of what I would find, I discovered a new world.
I wasn’t either able to imagine how much this experience would become fantastic, on all plans: professionally, humanly, even philosophically…

The different projects permitted me to work on various fields of the design (graphic, product, interior) with concrete projects.
That point was very important for me, because even if I’m used to work « as if it’s real », in school our projects are often fictional or not realized.

Moreover I could touch at all, from basic drawing to clay model or by 3D and rendering (improving my skills on Solidworks).

Besides the internship, I could meet people who were very friendly, and learn, see, visit, taste the local specialties…or think at a number of other things. (The only bad point: I was far from my girlfriend and I hadn’t the Internet)

To sum up…
If they said « go west! » (or « the young grow up through travels » for our equivalent proverb), nowadays I know why.
Living in a different culture (not so hard as it can be perceived), shake your mind for your greater good.
Just be open, adapt, and after the immersion you are not the same. I found that very pleasant.

Many thanks, to Floriane for the internship, Antonio for his flat, and all the people at the Center for this incredible opportunity.
In the future I would like to try other countries ^^

If you want to read the complete report it’s here (in french) 🙂

Packaging Espagnol

J’ai l’impression qu’à chaque pays visité je ramène une bouteille, pour l’Espagne c’était celle-ci :
Une surprenante bouteille d’eau, d’un bleu profond et aux lignes carrés très épurées.
Cette nouvelle version des « Solan de Cabras » semble bien marcher, et le sleeve sert autant d’étiquette que de preuve d’inviolabilité. Je les trouves tout simplement superbes ^^